1-1 PT

Personal Training - Covering Angus (Scotland)

Are you are willing to push your comfort zone to make a lasting change?

My clients are successful in other areas of their lives and they seek me out to get this one area — their physique goals — nailed forever.

They could do it by themselves, but prefer to leave the decision making in the hands of an experienced professional. They realize that this is going to optimize their results, take the frustration and guesswork out of getting them, and set them up with their long-term independence.

Coaching has been my passion for the last eight years. If you have read my articles and are wondering if we might be a good fit, this page is for you.

To find out how to get into my select group of one on one coaching clients, please keep reading.

What is Personal Training?

Personal training involves structured, one-to-one exercise sessions in which you’ll spend on average 60 minutes (depending on ability and session structure) with a coach.

Why Personal Training?

It can be overwhelming learning how to perform exercises correctly. Learning to squat, Deadlift or any other exercise can be a complicated and daunting process.

Having an experienced coach there to help you analyse your movement patterns and offer beneficial cues as far as exercise recommendations and technique is concerned can be pivotal to the ability for your long term training plan

For those that just want a little bit of a push during a training session, a personal trainer can of course help with this. A good coach will help encourage and push you physically and mentally (not too hard though) through those tougher workouts

Results, not promises!

Promises are easy to make, but for those of you who are prepared to work hard and follow our advice to the T then life changing results can be yours whether that be fat loss, muscle build or performance, you can see a sample of our clients results HERE. Remember, they were all once where you are now they just did one thing and that’s they decided to take control and make changes!

All our clients, male and female have deeply personal, sometimes complex and often very emotional reasons for being unhappy with their current body weight or shape.

Whatever you arE thinking, you are not alone !

Most often feeling too busy or stressed with work and family commitments or even a little bit of laziness or lack of knowledge trap us in an unhealthy self-perpetuating cycle and we feel tired and sluggish, our sleep suffers, we binge or comfort eat or rely on unhealthy convenience options too often and it affects both our body and mind.

We can help change this and break the cycle.

The pattern is familiar; it doesn’t happen overnight but accumulates over time and tends to hit us as a big shock in the clothes store, the mirror, looking at old photographs or when we just can’t physically do something we once found easy.

Maximum Results, Minimum Time!

For some of our clients their motivation is less dramatic but no less meaningful as they all have their own personal reason for wanting to be in better shape, whether that is to look good for a holiday, on a beach, for their wedding, to improve their self confidence knowing they look and feel more attractive for their partner. Whatever the reason is, we have worked with someone in the exact same starting position as you and we can GUARANTEE we got the results they wanted, all it takes is the desire to change and take action!