Contest Prep


Condition is key!

What I do is simple: I remove excess fat whilst preserving if not building muscle tissue.  To compete and be successful you have to take the best possible packaging to your show combining both size and condition, myself & my athletes have become known for the condition we bring. CONDITION IS KEY!

During the course of a typical 12-16 week contest prep phase, I consult on diet, supplementation, training, cardio, and anything else that will help you to be in your absolute best condition when you stand on stage.  I work with bodybuilders, mens physique, bikini & figure competitors whether they are a seasoned competitor or doing their first show and I have no preference I can AND WILL help anyone! I also work with just as many natural competitors as I do “unnatural” competitors. The only thing I ask as a prerequisite to working with me is that you must be willing to work hard I don’t work with anyone who has a half arsing attitude its All Or Nothing!  If you can follow the plan and execute, you will get into insane condition.

I specialise in working with people that have challenging metabolisms and average to below-average genetics.  I have taken clients that have worked with other prep guys or other nutritionists and achieved little to no results, and helped them achieve a condition they once thought was impossible. I don’t get mediocre results so contact me if you want to be in your best condition for your next show.

Unlike most coaches you have access to me 24/7 to ask anything you need to ensure we get the best possible results. Time, honesty & dedication is what sets us apart from other coaches (apart from conditioning of course!).

Take a look at the centre transformation above, that was acheived in just 48 hours after a coach left him in a lurch 3 days out from an international show and I had to learn his body and turn peak him the best we could with the situation he was in. He followed the plan to a T, learned a lot and went into that show his best condition yet.

With our contest prep package you get everything included from our gold package for online coaching plus more. Training, diet, supplement, AAS (if enhanced) is all taken care of for you and we have weekly check ins to discuss how the week has progressed and make any necessary tweaks. You have access to your coach 24/7 via messenger & whatsapp etc as well as your own custom peak week protocol, daily check-ins with your coach in the final week & if possible your coach will be at the show with you on the day to help with anything you require. No other coach will give you the time, effort & dedication you get from us GUARANTEED! We do this for the love of the game not just another pay cheque.

If you are looking to step on stage then you can either purchase your contest prep package HERE or get in touch via the CONTACT US page for further info as I understand this is an investment and we MUST ensure that we are compatible as coach & client as I won’t just work with anyone, I have to ensure when they step on stage they have given their all and we are both proud of the package we deliver!