Whey’d and Measured Protein Brownies


"the home of healthier indulgence"

**quote taken from business website


So are they cracked up to be all that they claim??

our verdict…..

Protein Brownie RATING

Ingredient Profile 10/10
Taste and Texture 10/10
Shelf Life 10/10
Value for money 9/10
Overall Rating 9.5/10
**ABOVE INFORMATION IS TAKEN FROM:  wheydandmeasured.co.uk

Ingredient PROFILE

Ingredients 10/10

Although the recipe and exact percentage of ingredients are complete secret (and rightly so!), we can assure you these brownies are 100% natural and clean. Made from a base of caramelised sweet potato, whey protein and coconut oil with a little of the guilty pleasures and treats that give them their mouth-watering, moreish taste! 

They even come with a complete macro breakdown so you know exactly what your consuming, win win for those of us on prep and counting calories! 

(note: All products contain peanuts, milk, nuts, almonds and soy. These products may contain gluten and eggs due to the kitchen they’re made in).

Taste and texture

Taste and Texture 10/10

Being a Patisserie Chef I understand the frustration of trying to get the perfect bake, yet some how Whey’d and Measured have nailed both taste and texture…….on a completely clean protein brownie?! With such a variety of flavours that are ever changing and being developed there’s never not an option you wouldn’t dig into! And they are always still within the same macro friendly bracket. And don’t get me started on blasting them in the microwave for 30 seconds…. Soft, gooey and decadent…. Pass me the box!

shelf life

Shelf life 10/10

The awesome thing about these little beauties are that they keep really well for a good week….and if that’s not long enough they freeze superbly! Pretty convenient when you don’t want to devour the whole box and have to restrain yourself. Freezing doesn’t alter the taste or texture at all either!

Value for money

Value 9/10 90%

At £12.50 a for a box of 9, whether you choose pre-determined flavours or custom pick them yourself, I believe its very reasonable. Considering the amount of money, one would spend on protein bars that are mass produced, cost more and taste like cardboard. You pay for the clean, quality, freshly homemade little delicacies that have been made with passion!

Overall summary

Overall 9.5/10


Macro Content: BIG in the fitness industry, knowing how many calories and in what form you are consuming makes sticking to a plan all the easier. Literally guilt free!

Flavours: The ladies at Whey’d and Measured are always coming up with new flavours to tickle your taste buds.

Homemade: Its rare that you come across homemade clean protein goodies that taste as good as these babies! Made with love and no preservatives or nastys they just ooze with the same passion they are made with.


Availability: As the best I have personally tasted on the market they aren’t yet available nationwide and only available in selected areas to be ordered via specific gyms. Fortunately for us we are close to a pick up point! Which brings me to…

Value: If Whey’d and Measured expand and do eventually do courier shipping this could be a downfall as postage costs and the freshness of these homebaked circles of epicness need to be taken into account.

So what are you waiting for!?

Whey’d and Measured’s Brownies are only currently available to order for collection in the following areas, but we cant mark them down on that! As much as we wish EVERYONE could have their fill all over the country!


The Spinnaker Hotel

121 Albert Road

Cafe Balfe

118 West Blackhall Street



Scottish Design Exchange

Buchanan Galleries

F45 Glasgow

West Campbell Street

The Gym Group

Bothwell Street

The Circle Gym Club

Morris Business Park


Cargill’s Gym

Old Brechin Road


Raw Anatomy

7 Main Street



Spartan Gym

109 Restalrig Road

Or if your lucky enough to live close to the following places, why not indulge in a protein brownie (or six) with a cup of coffee!!

The Exchange

2 Anne Street

The Albany

10 Orangefield

Clean Foods UK

11 Renfrew Road